Saturday, 12 May 2012

Facts & Informations:
Erinaceus europaeus, is the binomial name of the hedgehog. Hedgehog is a small mammal. Their body is covered by a coat of over 6000 quills. They are nocturnal animals and during the day, they sleep in nests made of grass and leaves or small burrows under shrubs, tree logs or rocks.
Some Interesting Facts About Hedgehog:
  • eat mice, worms, birds, slugs, adore eggs and various plants/fruits;
  • hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, hibernate from November to the end of March; 
  • hedges can be found in woods, parks, farmland, gardens;
  • in the wild hedgies live up to 3 years and in captivity – up to 10 years; 
  • make various rather loud sounds (snorting, sneezing, squealing, purring, and etc.);
  • many people like to own hedgehogs as pets (they are extremely interesting to look at, they are not aggressive and have no odor); 
  • when hedgies are born, their spines are very soft and not long at all;
  • are capable of climbing trees and swimming; 
  • hedgies are born with their eyes closed;
  • possess amazing sense of smell; 

Amazing Hedgehog
Amazing Hedgehog
Amazing Hedgehog
Amazing Hedgehog
Amazing Hedgehog
Amazing Hedgehog


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